1. Looks good over my lights and I’m now redoing the cabinets so the master bath will be a knockout! Will send photos when completed. Thank you!

  2. My parents loved it! Changes the total look of the bathroom, it really updates the bathroom.

  3. The shade is beautiful and just what I needed. Fits perfectly over the lights, easy to install(with predone velcro strips included!), and really makes the light not so harsh anymore. It’s well made and worth getting. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks, Therese, for your kind words of appreciation for my workmanship and customer service. I’m glad you mentioned the light issue, as it can be a factor for potential buyers, when choosing a fabric. The goal, when creating my line of Vanity Shades was to diffuse the harsh light from the bare bulbs of these bathroom light fixtures, yet maintain adequate task lighting. Buyers should keep in mind that heavier weight fabrics in darker colors will diminish the light a little bit more than lightweight fabrics in lighter colors.

  5. Shade is perfect! Expertly put together & goes on super fast. Arrived faster than I thought I would get it. Only thing is it REALLY cuts down on the light so be sure you can handle your lights that dim.

  6. Unfortunately, the carriers don’t handle the packages as carefully as we’d expect, so I insure all shipments. I was able to send a replacement right away and am pleased to hear it arrived in tact this time around and that you are happy with your Vanity Shade. Thanks so much for sending photos of the damages, so I can file a claim.

  7. I received the first shipment damaged. However, after Kim delivered the second PERFECT shipment, I was completely satisfied! Thank you for the beautiful shade for my bathroom light.

  8. I have purchased three of these vegas shades. I love how they look and how easily they attach to the existing light fixture. The craftsmanship is excellent!

  9. I regret that you were not pleased with your fabric choice, nor with the Vanity Shade itself. Please know that had you returned it. I would have gladly issued a full refund. I understand your frustration with the narrow height of the shade and would like to offer an explanation for the size at which it was created. The height is dictated by how far above the mirror the light fixture was installed. In your case, there was a distance of only 1/4″, which limited the height of the shade to the 4 & 3/8″ height of the fixture’s faceplate. Increasing the height of the shade would cause it to extend down onto the mirror, which appears awkward and unattractive. However, I am impressed and pleased that you were able to modify it to your satisfaction.

  10. I did not like the shade I was shipped. The material choice was wrong for the room (my bad). However, even worse was the fact that the shade as built was way too narrow. When iinstalled ,it looked like a bandaide stectched across the light bulbs. As built, it did not cover the ugly Hollywood light fixture and looked very strange.
    But because I liked the shade concept, I disassembled the shade I was shipped, bought better fabric and re-made the shade in a larger width.
    I now love my re-made shade. And would be happy to share a pic but this feedback survey doesn’t allow me to attach a pic.

  11. Hi Penny,
    I truly appreciate the review and am thrilled you’re so pleased with your Vanity Shade. I’d love a photo of the room, if you wouldn’t mind.
    Happy Holidays

  12. Suzanne, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a kind review. I’m so pleased you’re happy with your Vanity Shade. I’d love a photo of the room for my Portfolio.
    Happy Holidays

  13. Love it! The shade looks amazing in my master bathroom. It is a great alternative to replacing a fixture, and extremely easy to install. Additionally, the entire process of ordering and selecting a design was smooth and user-friendly.

  14. Aw, thanks for the kind words, Stephanie. I’m delighted to hear you’re happy with your Vanity Shade and appreciate you leaving a Review.
    Happy Holidays

  15. It is exactly what we needed! Fits perfectly and looks beautiful. Fast service, too! Thanks very much for creating this product.

  16. Dorothy,
    I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave such a kind review. I’m thrilled you’re so pleaased with your Vanity Shade and I’d love a photo of the bathroom for my Portfolio, if you wouldn’t mind.
    Thanks so much

  17. Love the fabric choices and the speed of delivery. Was promised delivery in 3-4 weeks, but it only took a week to get to SW Florida. The Spa Coral cover looks great in my coral-colored and sea-shell themed guest bath.

  18. Margaret,
    Just wanted to thank you for leaving a 5 star review. It means alot and I’m delighted you are so pleased with your Vanity Shade.

  19. I am so thrilled with the shade. I was nervous about how the color online would match in person, and it is flawless! The shade itself is great quality, easy to install, and changed the eyesore in the bathroom effortlessly. When I ordered, I was a little upset because it quoted 5-6 weeks shipping time (and I wanted it then lol), but it arrived in 1 week!