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My name is Kim Melanie Curtin. I am a self-taught Interior Designer and have been working independently in the Las Vegas area since 2006. The economic climate, at that time, meant that Designers had to find more creative, cost effective materials and design methods in an effort to stay competitive. My idea for the Vanity Shades of Vegas line of Custom Bathroom Vanity Lamp Shades was born out of that need.

Clients were inclined to reduce their budgets and became more mindful of where the money was spent. Therefore, by eliminating the need for an electrician to change out the dated light fixture and the cost of the drywall repairs that would follow, I was able to substantially reduce the cost of  a bathroom update. Vanity Shades are an affordable way to add a fresh new design style to a space, without the cost and hassle of construction.

I love the process of decorating a home and often find myself assisting my Vanity Shades of Vegas Customers with their entire bathroom redesign. I am passionate about what I do and would be delighted to help you bring your own personal design style to yet another room in your home.            

                                                     Kim Melanie Curtin


Voted “Best in Houzz” – 2014

Feature Article – The Inspired Room Design Blog – April 2014

Featured in Redbook Magazine – July 2015

Trending Topic on BuzzFeed.com – March 2014

                     “23 Unique Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Bathroom”