Audrey One Fabric Collection

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Vanity Shade

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Audrey Fabric Collection – Vanity Shade

Choose from 4 Designs:
1) Ornamental Metallic
2) Black & White Floral
3) Floral Metallic
4) Gothic Flowers & Leaves

Frame Style: Rectangular or Half Drum

Note: Vanity Shades are custom made to order based on the measurements you provide at the time of order. However, for ordering purposes, please find the measurement range from the table below that includes the length of your light fixture’s wall mount faceplate. Then, select that size from the dropdown list on the order page.

18″ – 3 bulb – For fixtures 16″ to 21″ long
24″ – 4 bulb – For fixtures 22″ to 27″ long
30″ – 5 bulb – For fixtures 28″ to 33″ long
36″ – 6 bulb – For fixtures 34″ to 39″ long
42″ – 7 bulb – For fixtures 40″ to 45″ long
48″ – 8 bulb – For fixtures 46″ to 51″ long

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  1. Kim Curtin

    I regret that you were not pleased with your fabric choice, nor with the Vanity Shade itself. Please know that had you returned it. I would have gladly issued a full refund. I understand your frustration with the narrow height of the shade and would like to offer an explanation for the size at which it was created. The height is dictated by how far above the mirror the light fixture was installed. In your case, there was a distance of only 1/4″, which limited the height of the shade to the 4 & 3/8″ height of the fixture’s faceplate. Increasing the height of the shade would cause it to extend down onto the mirror, which appears awkward and unattractive. However, I am impressed and pleased that you were able to modify it to your satisfaction.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    MaryLou T.

    I did not like the shade I was shipped. The material choice was wrong for the room (my bad). However, even worse was the fact that the shade as built was way too narrow. When iinstalled ,it looked like a bandaide stectched across the light bulbs. As built, it did not cover the ugly Hollywood light fixture and looked very strange.
    But because I liked the shade concept, I disassembled the shade I was shipped, bought better fabric and re-made the shade in a larger width.
    I now love my re-made shade. And would be happy to share a pic but this feedback survey doesn’t allow me to attach a pic.

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