Flower Medallion Group 2 Custom Lamp Shade


A Vanity Shade is a custom lamp shade designed specifically to hide those ugly “Hollywood style” bathroom vanity light fixtures.

10% Discount for any combination of 3 items


Flower Medallion Fabric Group 2

Choose from 4 Designs: for Customized lamp shade
1) Moda Hi De Ho Flower Medallion Lavender
2) Moda Hi De Ho Flower Medallion Turquoise
3) Moda Hi De Ho Flower Medallion Peach

Frame Style: Rectangular or Half Drum

Note: Vanity Shades are a custom lamp shade, made to order based on the measurements you provide at the time of order. However, for ordering purposes, please find the measurement range from the table below, that includes the length of your light fixture’s wall mount faceplate. Then, select that size from the dropdown list on the order page.

18″ – 3 bulb – For fixtures 16″ to 21″ long
24″ – 4 bulb – For fixtures 22″ to 27″ long
30″ – 5 bulb – For fixtures 28″ to 33″ long
36″ – 6 bulb – For fixtures 34″ to 39″ long
42″ – 7 bulb – For fixtures 40″ to 45″ long
48″ – 8 bulb – For fixtures 46″ to 51″ long

Take a minute to visit my Portfolio of Vanity Shades for design inspiration.


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