24″ Vanity Shade – Clearance Custom Lamp Shade

$74.00 $55.00

24″ Vanity Shade – Clearance


24″ Custom Vanity Shade on Clearance – 25% off original price of $74

Frame Style: Rectangular

Fabric: New Damask Terrain

Size: Fits up to 24″ “Hollywood style” bathroom vanity light fixture

Fits a fixture that has a wallmount faceplate of max 6.5″ high

IMPORTANT: Requires a max depth (measurement from wall to tip of the light bulbs) of 5.5″ Must have minimum of 3″ from bottom of wallmount faceplate to top of mirror/cabinet, if applicable

Note: This item is sold “as is” at clearance price and is non-refundable. It is new, not used and is not damaged nor a “2nd run”. It was simply ordered in the wrong size by a previous Buyer.


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